After originally completing a Botany degree in South Africa, and after many years of travelling and teaching Yvette settled in Cirencester, Gloucestershire. She couldn't have foreseen how a mosaic course at the local college would change her life. Having completed many pieces in a variety of styles, she chanced upon the idea to make a glass mosaic skylight for her study. On holding her completed work up to the light for the first time she was transfixed by the lustrous colours and the interplay of light, and knew this was what she wanted to do. The study changed into a workshop, the workshop expanded to a separate studio, and her life has never been the same since.

‘The outdoors inspires me, and the natural world makes me feel alive. I like to take forms from nature and painstakingly translate these into glass mosaics. There is a meditative quality to this process and a grounding in the work. The results have an ephemeral quality when the dance of light interacts with the mosaics, and for me, this produces the magic.’